Core business is business and management consulting based on the application of modern methods and techniques. ASK Consulting is registered with the ambition to develop into a successful, stable and innovative company, which brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts,

with the aim of conducting business consulting in project-driven business conditions. Working in quality, respecting good business practices, in conditions of healthy competition, we want to gain the trust of clients and business partners.

"We are aware that excellence and success come only through hard work and hard work."


Who is a Business Consultant?

A business consultant is a natural or legal person who is hired to provide professional or professional advice and / or services. It is common for a consultant to be an expert in a particular business area, who designs solutions for each client to meet his particular needs.

Why is the brand so important?

By investing in the development of your own brand, ie. the brand, name and image of the company, you provide easier recognition of the company in the market. This is how you invest in the development of your company because your customers create a positive image of your company based on your brand.

What are CRM systems for?

CRM or customer relationship management system aims to provide (computerized) support for business decision-making and provide timely information on the status of the company, as it integrates all the necessary data from customer relationships.

What are the services of a business advisor?

The services of a business consultant are various and can be: financial, legal, engineering, managerial, etc. The most common services of a business consultant are: drafting of project documentation (eg plans, programs, analyzes, etc.), supervision of project implementation, technical assistance in transfer technology, organization, education and the like.

Who needs a business advisor and why?

A business consultant is needed for every company, regardless of its size and type of activity, and especially it is necessary for developing companies to move more efficiently and quickly from the previous development phase to the next phase.

What can be the benefits of using consulting services?

The most significant advantage is the client's ability to focus on his own business, where a business consultant can offer you new ideas and quick solutions to current problems.