ASK Accounting


ASK Consulting Ltd specializes in accounting and legal advisory services.

We provide services for domestic and foreign companies, non-profit organizations, and representative offices of foreign companies, for start-ups and companies with many years of business.

Accounting services include the following:

  • Document preparation, legal review and processing
  • accounting for assets for financial and tax purposes
  • payroll calculation
  • processing and accounting of travel documents for business trips
  • preparation of fees
  • monitoring of receivables and payables
  • monitoring of cash transactions
  • Prepare payment orders
  • preparation of all types of tax returns in the field of direct and indirect taxes
  • preparation of annual reports
  • Accounting for individuals, preparing tax returns and reports
  • other similar customer requirements and needs.


Legal services include the following:

  • Company registration, additions and changes
  • registration of trades
  • drawing up various contracts
  • making various requests, offers, warnings and the like
  • checking the risk of contracts already concluded
  • Legal assistance in negotiating with partners
  • contracts with banks, insurance and others
  • analysis of soil and cadastral documentation
  • other types of legal aid.

We also offer our clients PIS (Business Information System)an accounting program applicable to various types of business, which can be adapted to the client’s requirements.

For the needs of clients, especially start-up companies, we provide the service of administration or management of general and administrative affairs (outsourcing of administration).