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It does matter how others see you!

Digital marketing is about creating an online strategy for branding and enhancing the visibility of a company's digital presence on the Internet, ex, it relates to advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile applications.

Promotion and sales through digital channels have become the basis of a successful business, since today everyone uses smart phones, the internet and computers.

Digital marketing offers the opportunity for promotion to all persons, in particular the ability to accurately target customers, promote on multiple channels simultaneously, as well as great savings in marketing costs.

Outsourcing of marketing managers is offered by our company, unless you have one and you want quality marketing support. Together with you, we create a promotion strategy and marketing plan to work together to maximize your impact, while saving your company resources, time and money.

We highlight the following digital marketing services we provide to our clients:
  • Developing Sales, Promotion and Distribution Strategies (analysis of existing resources, plan development, suggestions and suggestions)
  • Recording and post-production of top quality photo and video content and with the use of professional equipment (TV advert, commercials, films)
  • Contemporary visual identity design, graphic design services package (graphic standards book, logo, promotional material, etc.)
  • Creating or rebranding existing web, Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and other pages
  • Designing and executing promotional campaigns using all available channels
  • Creating a web shop and fan page
  • Designing mobile applications
  • Design and print of advertising and presentation materials
  • Radio and television promotion
  • Socially responsible company
  • Educating managers and employees in the use of social networks

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