Financial Consulting


Failures and mistakes in financial management often lead to negative consequences for the whole company, which makes managing this area extremely important.

Financial consulting requires experts who have significant experience in finance, are well versed in business opportunities in the domestic market, as well as trends in the global market.

We use financial data from external and internal databases, enabling our clients to have good business negotiations with customers and suppliers, and creditors, as well as strategic and operational planning and forecasting of future trends and phenomena.

By providing a range of financial services, including financing, restructuring and rescheduling, we help your company obtain and use financial resources, but also advise on the most profitable investment strategies.

Some of the services of financial consulting are:

  • Analysis of the financial position of the company
  • Development of business and investment plans and feasibility studies
  • Credit and leasing arrangements, loan applications for stimulus funds
  • Management of liabilities and receivables, cash and inventories
  • Cost optimization
  • Designing due diligence studies and conducting transactions for the purchase or sale of a company